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You will find that there is more to me then meets the eye. I only mention this because you will watch me transform in the coming months as I lose weight.

However, I am taking my health back at this particular time in my life.

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This is not by choice, though relationship gurus and teachers of the Law of Attraction may tell you otherwise. In the online world, people tend to have a shopping cart approach to finding a mate.

Maybe I’m still holding on to deep issues from my messed up childhood. Gypsy with enough focus and faith to bring him forth into my life? A date becomes more expendable because three more dates can easily be scheduled that week.

Online dating only gives the illusion that there are countless numbers of people that you can happily be well matched with.

Having said that, I do have four friends who have met their spouses this way, but there are also people who win the lottery.

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she's got sexy tattoos, she dresses in lovely stockings as well as she's got her pubic hair shaved.

What could be more befitting than the subject of the above title?

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