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In our earlier post we have seen how to Read Data from XML File using in Microsoft Excel.In this tutorial will teach you about how to update an XML file using Microsoft Excel. Set Named Item (new Child Attribute) Sub Update XML() Call fn Update XMLBy Tags End Sub Function fn Update XMLBy Tags() Dim main Work Book As Workbook Set main Work Book = Active Workbook Set o XMLFile = Create Object("Microsoft.Select Single Node("/catalog/book[0]/title") Title Node. Text = "I am the new Title Here" 'Update attribute of a Node Set o Attribute = o XMLFile.

The Promotions that are created by the users will also reference images.

These references are stored in the XMLforms (which are basically XML files).

I am using IS 11.5 Pro and facing issues updating an XML file that I am installing with my setup. I feel like just creating a VB script to do the whole thing. With Wise Installer for Windows I can read/update an INI or XML file with ease.

Here are all the details of my issue: 1) I create a component "C1Lic Updater. There is no real help online for either programs though.

I would recommend that you should this post before you continue –Read Data from XML File Now there are various way you can update XML file – Add a new node under existing node ‘ select a parent node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile. Append Child (child Node) Add new Attribute to the Node ‘Add new Attribute to the Node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile. XMLDOM") XMLFile Name = "C:\Users\Sumit Jain\Google Drive\Excel Blog pics\XML" o XMLFile. Select Nodes("/catalog/book/title/text()") Set Price Nodes = o XMLFile.

Select Single Node(“/catalog/book[1]”) ‘ add a new child Node Set child Node = o XMLFile. Select Single Node(“/catalog /book[2]/publish_date”) ‘ add its attribute Set new Child Attribute = o XMLFile. Select Nodes("/catalog/book/price/text()") 'Update Single Parent Node Set Title Node = o XMLFile. However once the installer is run, they're written to the local website with the read only flag checked. *The last time we ran this in anger will have been at least 12 months ago. If so, checkout: googling "iis 0x80070005" will probably be helpful. ) PS- Check that your web.config isn't marked read only.I've tried running this as a compiled installer as somebody suggested but it exhibits the same behaviour. If it's being installed this way, make sure that it's not marked read only in your build environment. The Web.config, as stated, is not read only in the sources - and also if I build an uncompressed installer, you can see it isn't read only in there too.When I install it with my user it works without a problem and also the repair function works.Also if all else fails, i guess, there is something wrong with build, i have had such problems, where in i had my userprofile was located on a different drive than the OSdrive, so the installers created some problems during install and repair.Error updating XML file ...\web.config -2147024891 The XML step is writing a database string to the web.config file, and as I say, it's been fine.


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