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abstaining from these two vices simultaneously really is a synergistic lifehack for productivity and happiness.For a man these two habits really are symbiotic; when I’m No Fapping I’m way more motivated to go out, make friends and meet girls but No Fapping for this long requires serious discipline that is all but impossible if you are a even a moderate social drinker.Actually, some of the best salsa dancers are gay guys.

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Contrary to a lot of my experiences in Colombia and Denver, Colorado my most fruitful sets have not occurred in loud, raucous nightclubs, but in salsa clubs, meetups, smoking areas and patios.

Bulgarian men and women are just not big fans of touching each other while dancing.

I think salsa chicks exercise more and actually do squats as they just seem more toned and curvaceous.

Less drunk people — If you, like me, don’t really like to drink while gaming, you’ll likely find salsa clubs a whole lot more conducive to your temperament. It’s super rare that you’ll encounter the kinds of rude, drunken antics at a salsa club that you so commonly do at mainstream clubs.

Sofia is a ‘tough town’ for nightgame; different cultures have different attitudes about ‘meeting new people’ while out partying, in most countries girls are pretty open to talking to a friendly foreigner for a few minutes, in Bulgaria not so much.

I think it’s more of a culture where people go out to socialize just with their current social group.

In nightclubs in Eastern Europe what you see repeatedly is a table with a few older guys, who look like they served in a war about 20 years ago and have been drinking hard since, with some doll faced and dolled up younger girls.

The girls dance alone, the guys just sit there trying to look tough while they drink away half their paychecks.

Every time I asked a bartender for a none alcoholic drink they would look at me like I had just ordered a glass of abortion baby blood.


  1. I wasn’t quite sure if this was a post-modern comment on the randomness of online dating or if he was a victim of early onset dementia. Meanwhile their profiles demanded ‘you will be slim, attractive and available for lunchtime meet-ups’.

  2. They were seen hanging out together a lot, enjoying each other’s company.

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