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If you're quite petite on top (take note if you're usually a size 8 or below in tight tops), chances are you might be a 30 or 28 band, which you won't find stocked in most underwear shops.But there are a whole host of brands that will cater to your size and trust us, you'll be grateful you're in a comfy bra, even if it means you can't just buy a standard high street set."Diet, stress and exercise and hormones all effect our breast size so ensure you get fitted regularly." "A correctly fitting bra should sit firmly but comfortably around the body," explains Suzanne.

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Butterfly your legs wider than normal too so he's getting one hell of a look at all your womanhood.

Plus, according to some dude named Andy on 's Facebook page: "For the smaller-boobed ladies, when you are on top and leaning down, they will appear and feel bigger to the guy. " So, yeah, give that one a go, especially if you happen to be dating Andy.

Not only are they the best handle ever for him, but you can both use them as a bit of a passion barometer.

When you've got small boobs, bras can be a NIGHTMARE - straps slipping, gaping cups and all sorts of struggles to find the right size and shape.

This is common in balconette style padded bras, which create a 'shelf effect' cleavage, where your boobs are pushed upwards.

Whereas, padded plunge bras often have padding at the side and so you will need to scoop your boobs in towards the centre of your chest and sit them in place.

Certain materials like lace can fit tighter than stretchy synthetic fabrics, so if you find a brand you LOVE but it's just a tad too big, try a style in a different fabric.

"Rigid lace and embroidered bras can fit firmer, but some bra styles also feature stretch lace fabrics," so lace isn't "With padding, make sure you're scooping your boobs into place on top of the padding.

You don't want the bra just sitting on top like a pillow," says Boux Avenue buyer Lisa Annand.

"Some bras will have the boost at the bottom, so you will need to lift your boob upwards and sit it on top of the pad.

Rear up a little and let him have a taste or bit of a feel. Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women.


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