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Let’s take a break from talking for six months or so and then see where we are with it.” Find some new activities to do, try new places to eat, meet some new people who don’t know him at all.

But also, reclaim the places that you went together that are your favorite places. If you’re meant to be friends down the road, it will happen.

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You have enough to deal with right now without taking on the pressure of how to act cool about something you’re not cool with yet. It is possible to look at someone you used to love and realize that you don’t regret loving them, but you don’t remember quite how you did it and know, suddenly, that you wouldn’t go back to being with them for all the tea in China.

It is possible to greet the new partner of a significant ex with “Cool shoes!

” not, “you are the thing that makes me laugh when my day is terrible” or, “you are my partner in crime and adventures” or, “I call you when I just want to talk” friends.– We are VERY NEWLY broken up, and I don’t want to mess this up by rushing to friendship before every time I see him and then remember we’re not together it feels like a sharp tug on my Golden Retriever of Love’s leash (you know – that feeling of stabbing knives and despair). I “KNOW” this in part because he is amazing and in part because This Is My Greatest Insecurity (jerkbrain says: “What if he dates some blond, no-makeup-wearing, athletic woman next?

But also don’t want to “give it space” until seeing each other turns into this unnatural production.– I suspect that, in my heart of hearts, I will be unbelievably ungracious about his new girlfriend(s), when their time comes. Will that ‘prove’ that our relationship wasn’t meant to be because I WAS UNWORTHY?

Delete his number from your phone or change the contact so it says “EX- DO NOT ANSWER.” Do not keep track of what he’s up to. Ask mutual friends to let you know if he’s invited to stuff so you can decide whether you feel like going.

Invite mutual friends to stuff so that you can spend time with them without worrying about whether he is invited, too (you control the guest list if you do the inviting).

What I have realized lately is that being friends with an ex that you still have feelings for puts you in a position to be a “placeholder” until someone else comes along. Most people go into relationships with the mindset that the person they’re with is Unfortunately, people mess up, promises get broken, and eventually, you’re going your separate ways.

For people who want to remain friends with exes, they decide that love is enough to fall back on.

’“) and I react to it by having a lot of possessive crazyperson thoughts that I keep mostly to myself, but that eat me up inside.


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