Kolkata boudi night room

ami chacha-chahci k bollam,ok dekhi.bolei ami dinner shere amar room a chole a shuye shuye mobile a save kora 3x shomoy Surma room a mob ta taratari shorea to trousar er vetor khara hoe chilo amar dekhe ami ki korbo bujhte parlam na.o bollo “sorry”bollam its ok.tarpor o jiggasha korlo mob a ki bollam kichu na.o nasor bandar moto jiggasha korei chollo r amio kisu na,kisu na bolei a birokto hoe bollam j tomar vabir chobi dekhsilam.o to amar hath theke mob ta cho mere kere nilo r dekhlo j 3x er video clip ami r ki bollam ebar hoeche?dekho beshi kore dekho.o bollo,akta katha bollam ki bolo.o amake bollo apnar mobile ta amake 1 hour er jonno jiggasha korlam,kano? o amake bollo,bandhobider kase onek golpo shunesi agulor but kokhono ke ami agulo shob dekhte kisu na vebei bollam ok.dekho but kono call ashle receive koro kase niye esho.o tokhon or room a niye giye 3x dekhte r ki korbo,bathroom a giye or 32 sizer dudh gulo kolpona korte korte r ok chudsi ai kolpona korte korte hath mere 20/25 minute por o amar room a ashlo bollo vaia apnar akta miss call ashese,ami mob ta niye check korlam r or dike takye thaklam.o bollo ki bollam tomake kotto choto dekhesi r akhon tumi kotto boro hoe shararat amar shathe golpo kore katabe? bollo ammu-abbu rag bollam ok,jokhon unara ghumea porbe tokhon asheo.o bollo tahole amra amader belkuni te golpo korte bollam,ok,no tokhon pry 1130 moto.boshe boshe golpo korte korte sex bishoye chole kisu khon ami or hath ta dhore amar anguler modhe or angul gulo dhukye dilam.o shudhu amar dike takye thaklo.jodeo baranda ta ondhokar ok jiggasha korlam kokhono keo tomake lips kiss korese.o bollo shudhu ok akbar jiggasha korlam,ami kori?

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he hit me when I he was 16 and then I had pregnancy due to him.

Believe it or not but now we live as husband and wife. As my husband was a government employee, he often had to go on outstation tours.

My son looked at me and asked me to sit besides him.

He kissed me lightly on the cheek and said ,” I love you ma, thanks for such a nice party”“I love you too beta, you can have anything you want from maami.

Suddenly I felt what was I doing and how did I let him do that then for another second I thought he is just doing it under some emotion. I asked with a little patience, “what do you want from your mommy rinku”“o mother! Can I touch them mommu”, he said as he rubbed his hands on my belly. take them in your hands my son”, he cupped my humongous chuchies (boobs) and squeezed them.“o mother!

he used to call me mommu instead of mommy sometimes and I loved it.“go ahead my son. shipra has just taken your body but even her chuchies are not that soft and spongy.

jokhon chole ashi tokhon o amake chacha-chachir shamne jorea dhore or mathai hath bulea bolsilam kadso kano paglir ki akbare chole jachi?

r tomar college chuty dile tumi amader okhane berate esho….

I was sure that he could feel my erect nipples digging into his skin through my nigh tie. ”“o mommi, I love you so much and feel so attached to you” he gave me an emotional reply holding my hand.“beta, I love you too but you are also my son and such things don’t happen between a mother and a son.” I replied withdrawing from him.“No mommi, I love so much that I worship you and I worship your body too mother. ” he said moving on to my front and hugging me once again. please mother”, he begged me as hugged me from the waist.“ok son, don’t feel bad. he quickly reached and removed my hands while I was just looking down.“holy Shiva, o mother!

I was surprised as he pushed his hand down my bottom so that I was now sitting on his hands while he rubbed my buttocks slowly. There is no woman on earth as beautiful and sensuous as you. I was feeling a bit uneasy by all this could my son want from me at this age. I loved him too and dint wants him to feel bad about it. You have the biggest boobies that I have ever seen. Mammy, you have the longest nipples in the entire world.

ami bollam vabi abar k,tomar niye r beshi katha holo na but o shudhu bollo kiss shudhu vabir jonno?


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