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Not only are we going to get to see a whole lot more men bend over and take a great big fat one for the team in the days ahead, the payback for #Me Too craziness isn’t going to end there.

The real repercussions will be played out over the next generation or two.

Even in the blue pill world of mental health services, nobody questioned why I did it. That doesn’t just mean that men will be more careful around women.

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PE Welcome to the calamity now popularly known as #Me Too. I have grown a little heartless about the self-inflicted blue pill misery of pompous blowhards who never gave a rat’s ass what was happening to their fellow man as long as they were fat with cash and living in the dream-state of being above it all.

Now, I did a talk on the current sexual assault and sexual harassment hysteria back in November when all the attention was on Harvey Weinstein. These are the same people, rich and powerful movers and shakers, who have buried their noses in feminist ass till cheeks met cheeks, for politics and popularity at cocktail parties, while good men died like dogs right at their feet.

Complaints about employment discrimination are bothersome, but routine.

The EEOC stays busy with thousands of such complaints, most of them bullshit.

Unless we are in the middle of bombing North Korea, the headline will prove them dead wrong. I am not usually in the business of making predictions.

But I’ve got no problem at this point in time in saying that I see the Mike Pence Rules carving themselves into the social landscape, deeply and permanently. I started leaving the door open 30 years ago when counseling women with drug and alcohol problems, especially borderlines. Today we have entered an age where Mike Pence Rules will be invoked across the board in all areas of life. and will scream about oppressive sexism when men protect themselves, but it won’t do them much good. You see, the thing is that as the inherent danger that most women now represent becomes increasingly apparent to men, the only rational response available to them is risk reduction.

And I am supposed to take pity on him or feel outraged?

Sorry, but I’ve already seen too many men crucified who never took part, by omission or otherwise, in promoting these witch hunts.

Companies I have worked for in the past considered small settlements on these cases just the cost of doing business.


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