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I have never really subscribed to the illiterate theory still being used on coloured blinds, in the 1950’s; as Barrow would not have a monopoly on such people?

But then why should Barrow use it on all their City routes?

I understand that the coloured blinds were to help those who weren’t able to read identify there bus, but the system must have been of limited use if more than than one destination shared the same coloured background, and given the large number of routes must have had black backgrounds. Yes Phillip many thanks and have seen that blind, actually from the early 1950’s, when for example, from 1949 to 1958, Barrow received 60 Leyland deckers all with similar coloured blinds.

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Further to my earlier post, and Stuart’s last post a late Barrow destination blind was Private, Football Ground, Shipyard, Steelworks, West Shore, North Scale, Cemetary, St.

James, Devonshire Road, Ormsgill (Y), Harrell Lane (Y), Roose (B), Tea House (B), Ship Inn, Rainey Park, Town Hall, St.

The higher the letter, the shorter part of the route travelled.

London Transport also used them and, in one case at least, the 77/77A, the 77 disappeared many years before the 77A.

Around 1970, I was given, out of the blue, the rare opportunity to co-drive what may have been a Tiger Cub with Duple body of the John Bull fleet.

Nothing rare about that, you may say, except that the trip was to the South of France with a party of Manchester University lecturers.My enduring memory of the drive relates to the Heath Robinson means of engaging overdrive via a domestic light switch which swung around below the steering wheel on the end of a piece of braided flex. David Cooper Neville Mercer’s book Super Prestige 38 gives a good account of this operator which later became G W Bull, selling to White’s of Calver on the death of Mr G Bull senior in 1988.I currently have a list of 14 vehicles operated by Bull over the years the list may not be complete but does not include a Tiger Cub.Anyone aware of anywhere else where this was done please?Stuart Emmett I believe that Bournemouth Corporation sometimes used coloured blinds for certain routes or occasions.If you have a question you would like an answer to please get in touch and I will put it on this page.

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