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To book your appointment, you can book on line or call our friendly booking team on the number above at any time of the day or night.

A health centre where you will have an appointment to be seen by a clinician who will take all necessary samples and dispatch these to our laboratory for fast and accurate analysis.

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Ultimately, twelve drill instructors were charged with sex crimes; four were sentenced to prison, while eight others were discharged or received non-judicial punishment.

Captain Derrick Robertson and Sergeants Delmar Simpson and Nathanael Beech were accused of participating in the army's biggest sex abuse scandal on record.

Supervisors were also barred from having romantic relationships with the soldiers they trained.

The Army cited the fact that they cannot be sure if all relationships are consensual due to the nature of a supervisor's power over their trainees.

Taylor pleaded guilty to failing to obey a general regulation "by having consensual sex with three female recruits and trying to have sex with another" and admitted to "improper contact with a fifth woman recruit." Fore pleaded guilty to failing to obey a general regulation, indecent assault, and assault and battery, and a military judge, after hearing testimony, convicting Fore "of two additional counts of failing to obey a general regulation and indecent assault." Since the charges were filed, the U. Army set up a hotline to take reports of sexual harassment in the military.

It has also made available many resources for soldiers who feel they have been harassed or assaulted.

Better2Know also offers private STI testing services through our Everywhere service in Aberdeen, where we can send a nurse to you, wherever you are: your home, office or hotel. You can have instant results for HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis.

Better2Know offers you the most comprehensive Sexual Health testing service available in Scotland and the UK.

Our clinician can answer your questions and take any swab samples that might be required.


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