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No matter how fast or slow your connection is, you will find the perfect format available for you to enjoy your movies online or offline with no DRM encoding so anything you download is yours to keep for as long as you like.

So, as of this moment there are 22,807 complete videos in the site's archive.

If you have recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, there is a high chance that the Dolby Home Theater is missing and you won’t even see the Dolby icon on Taskbar.

That's over a quarter of a million photos and every one of them can be seen in magazine quality 2000x1328 resolution suitable for printing and collecting offline or browsing in an online slideshow that would take you months to watch from start to finish.

True most viewers are more interested in video than pics these days and 1 By Day satisfies even the most cynical videophiles by offering updates in Flash8 instant streams up to 720x405 in size, and ten different downloaded formats as high as 1280x720.

I then had to wait 1 week before I could return to find out the results.

I remained upbeat and didn’t linger on the thought of returning to see the consultant the following Wednesday.

The photography is top quality and they work like crazy to put out new updates constantly.

But, unlike the magazine photos, here you will see the action in full high definition videos that are yours to download and keep forever.

Consequently I was not prepared for those few little words my consultant said, “I’m sorry but it’s not good news.” The next week or so I tried to get my head round the words ‘cancer’, ‘tumours’, ‘mastectomy’, ‘chemotherapy’ and ‘radiotherapy’. I cried buckets, every thought was about cancer and what would happen if I died! I truly believe that positive thinking and being as fit as I can possibly be will help beat this.

My children, my husband, I looked at everything in a different light. The only way I decided that I could fight this terrible disease was to be as positive as I could possibly be.

Now years later the site is not only updating once a day, it's updating at least twice a day like clockwork!

Every single day, seven days a week, you get a daytime and a nighttime model in brand new photos and videos that are the highest quality images you will find anywhere.1 By Day offers you over 299,000 pictures.

Keep in mind, they add two brand new updates every day, so however many days old this review is... That's more porn than even the most avid pervert can watch!

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