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They know if they steal anything from me that it would be the last money they ever see from me so they are not going to risk that.

Since posting this story, according to News 4, it garnered national attention.

And thanks to you guys making it go viral, Matt is now under investigation by the Feds.

Louis calls out Matt Buckingham for running a fake Veterans charity and posing as a war Veteran. We would like to thank Chris for calling this poser out, and hopefully this will be the last time he scam’s people in the name of real Veterans!

So add us to that lawsuit while you are suing people!

I've had a few invite themselves to my table when I'm with my 2 girls & I tell them to piss off. At anytime I can stop sending money & never go back but i'm enjoying myself so much & get to play king for 4-6 weeks every year.

I will never get married & have no interest in canadian women. I keep in contact with my girls regularily & we send naughty emails back & forth to keep our time away interesting.

I'm not in love & I have 2 girls with me at all times for pleasure & because I don't speak Spanish so if I have 2 of them they can have someone to talk to when they are with me.

They are good friends now & don't mind sharing the wealth. I won't go to Havana again but Holguin is no issues with walking hand & hand with locals.

I'll always leave them a few hundred dollars for them to use on their families & it's quite surprising they actually do it.

I got mad at one of them after a few drinks & asked her to leave one night & she got on her knees crying & begging me not to leave her. I leave these girls in my hotel room by themselves & have never been ripped off.

When Buckingham recruits women to work for him, he introduces himself as Tyler Matthews. Army, Marines, Homeland Security and the Coast Guard said they have not heard of Matt Buckingham or Tyler Matthews.


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