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"I would imagine that [their act] was well intentioned, whatever happened." Continued Brand, "I don't think we should create a state where people are afraid to talk.

Both Facebook and Twitter have given us the interaction with fans and given them the opportunity to feel like they are part of the show. I grew up in Florida and went to school there, and ended up going to University of Central Florida. No, I wasn’t too into school, I got through it, and then by the time I was finished, I was ready to start getting on the road. He will be taping new shows for Comedy Central to air starting June 2nd.

They have also obviously realized that the meaner they are, the more likely they are to be mentioned on the show. In terms of the women that watch the show, it’s great that there are women that want to see someone behave the way I do for a half hour. Daniel Tosh is performing at the Arlington Theater on Saturday, April 24th.

Because you are making kids feel like crap for no good Goddamn reason.” It turned to politics as well, “I watched those debates and I was going out of my mind. We’re going to live to see when these people are embarrassed about what they are saying…not 20 years, in 10 they are going to have to show their grandchildren this footage and look like fools! ” The podcast ended with thoughts that no one of any kind should be bullied because of who they are, “I always thought my cause wouldn’t be ‘pro-gay’ rather ‘leave everyone the fuck alone’. It’s time that bullies stopped bullying and we started bullying them.

How about if you are not gay at all and are a football player but you want to be in the ballet… Anybody that wants to do anything good…I’m sure that kid would never in his whole life want to tap into something creative, so leave them alone, leave everyone alone.” As a fleeting joke at the very end of the interview, Glass stated that he was dating Daniel Tosh but it was obvious it was just a joke.

Daniel Tosh and Dane Cook got themselves into hot water this month after making jokes about rape and the Aurora, Colo., movie theater massacre, but fellow comic Russell Brand says they were only doing their jobs when controversially going for laughs.

"I think if someone's job is a comedian and they say something, like in the analysis of the content of their statement, you should recall the bit that they're a comedian," Katy Perry's ex told reporters at a TCA panel for his FX series, , Saturday.The show is centered on finding the “stars” of the web and then either redeeming them or perpetuating their antics. Are you inundated with submissions, or do you and your producers find the pieces?The rise of viral media giants Facebook and Twitter have also given Tosh a boost among his audience. Well, that actually used to be one of the bigger challenges for the show.He left his home of Florida after graduating from University of Central Florida to begin the arduous task and journey of getting his name out there.Tosh started out touring on the comedy club circuit and then, in 1998, he appeared as one of the New Faces in the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal.Glass continued stating he knew since he was about 13 and very close friends of his have known for a while.


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